Quality control

Tecno-plast Srl is certified Iso9001 since 1998.

Thanks to a carefull process of every business process, Tecno-plast ensures the satisfaction of its Customers’ needs and expectations. Through the strict checks applied on the procurement of raw materials, as well as on the processing stages, up to the checks on the finished product, the quality management system guarantees to the customer that the products supplied fully comply with the technical specifications

Tecno-plast Srl also makes use of the support of accredited bodies and laboratories for a constant search for innovative materials, that allow the creation of technologically advanced solutions and sophisticated applications.
Moreover, Tecno-plast Srl works in the respect and protection of the environment and combines the use of synthetic products to the prudent and rational use of natural resources.We also promote the use of materials compliant with the most recent European directives regarding restrictions on use of dangerous substances, processing them with health and safety systems, technologies and methods.  Tecno-plast Srl manages the by-products and the processing waste according to the principles of prevention and, when possible, starts them for re-use and recovery.

We provide certified dimensional control in collaboration with    

For the control of raw materials we use the analysis laboratory