About Us

Tecno plast was born in 1991, has been operating in the mould construction sector and in the processing of plastic materials through injection moulding.

Our goal is to mould our Customers’ ideas and projects, by assisting them from the initial design stage to the final completion of the product.

Our production covers a wide range of products for the most diverse and sophisticated applications in the automotive, medical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electronic sectors.

Our philosophy

Having made knowledge, technology and innovation-oriented approach the hallmarks of our corporate philosophy, TECNO-PLAST does not offer just a product, but provides a global service aimed at ensuring total customer satisfaction.

This philosophy, supported by a twenty-year experience in the plastic processing sector, enables us to restyle products already present on the market, by modifying and redesigning existing moulds with solutions aimed at optimising production times, while reducing selling costs.

TECNO-PLAST srl operates in a completely environmentally-friendly manner. All materials are RoHS certified and processed using appropriate safety systems. In addition, all scraps are recycled and entrusted to specialised and certified companies for reprocessing.

Tecno-Plast srl relies on cooperation from accredited bodies and laboratories to constantly seek innovative materials for the development of technologically-advanced solutions.