Mould and manufactured product design

Our Engineering Department is equipped with a number of CAD/CAM workstations, one of which is totally dedicated to the design of manufactured products and injection moulds. Two other CAM workstations are used to generate tool paths for milling machines, CNC-lathes and wire EDM processing. Production softwares used for this operations include: CimatronE, Cimatron IT, Fikus, Esprit, Windnc, etc.

Through the cooperation with the engineering departments of our customers, we are able to develop co-designed solutions specially tailored to harmonise and optimise the requirements imposed by the industrialisation of the product, such as, for example, tolerances or multi-component assemblies.

We are also able to develop rapid prototypes using the latest technologies and relying on established external companies. This approach has produced a number of significant achievements in the processing of manufactured products, from die-casting to thermoplastic materials.

By leveraging the durability and weather-resistance of thermoplastic materials, we obtain a number of benefits in terms of mechanical characteristics, resulting in a significant reduction of cleanup machining and optimisation of assembly processes.